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Group, ranks and reputation explained

group rank reputation

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#1 ZenLulz Posted 08 August 2013 - 12:55 AM


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Dear Community,
I want to introduce the group, ranking and reputation systems implemented on Binarysharp. Here is a typical user profile:
Profile sample.png
The different parts in the screenshot are explained below.
1. Ranking System
Each time you post a message on the board, you increase your total of posts.  The titles are given according this number, thus this is a quantitative indicator. As Binarysharp is Swiss, all titles are taken from the Swiss Army.


Number of posts – title
0 – Recruit
1 – Soldier
25 – Private
50 – Private First Class
100 – Corporal
200 – Sergeant
300 – Sergeant Major
400 – Quartermaster Sergeant
500 – Warrant Officer
600 – Master Warrant Officer
800 – Lieutenant
1000 – First Lieutenant
1250 – Captain
1500 – Major
1750 – Lieutenant Colonel
2000 – Colonel
2500 – Brigadier General
3000 – Major General
5000 – General
10000 – ???


Currently, more you get high, more you have small dots under your avatar. This a temporary situation because I plan to create dedicated pictures for each rank.
2. Group System
This system identifies where is the person in the Binarysharp’s organization chart.  Most of the time, people belong to the group Members. For people with official links with the website, the name of the group is different, e.g. Administrators or Staff. This field doesn’t evolve for standard members.
3. Reputation System
Other members are able to upvote your posts if they are contributing to the community or they feel they are simply interesting, thus this is a qualitative indicator. The reputation names are pretty straighforward in comparison with the rank system and is based on the level of item quality in the game World of Warcraft. Here are the different titles:


Number of points – title (color)
0 – Neutral (gray)
1 – Common (white)
20 – Uncommon (green)
100 – Rare (blue)
300 – Epic (purple)
1000 – Legendary (orange)


As you can see, the leap between Epic and Legendary is huge, as in the game. :)
When people get a new title, the text of the title and its color change.
4. Button to like
This is the system that must be used in order to give reputation to someone’s post. I highly recommend to every member to upvote any post you feel it’s important, useful for you or for the community. It enables people to stand out by the quality of their posts or works.
I hope everything is clear now and that these systems will be used as expected and wish you good luck.


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