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#5136 Development Dead?

Posted by ZenLulz on 04 September 2016 - 09:58 PM in Community Support

Dear tcd11,


To answer your question, let me redirect you on my latest announcement here: http://binarysharp.c...032-hello-2016/




#5135 Call to codecave not correct

Posted by ZenLulz on 04 September 2016 - 09:57 PM in Bugs Reporting

Dear Hatchi,


I'm very sorry for the long delay!


Could you please try to remove the first part of your assembly code "use32 & {vbnewline}".


This part is already specified internally in MemorySharp.




#5134 .NET 4.0 Build

Posted by ZenLulz on 04 September 2016 - 09:54 PM in Fasm.NET

Dear Cyrem,


First, I'm sorry for the delay of my answer.


Fasm.NET won't officially support the .NET Framework 4.0.


That being said, why don't you give a try ? Feel free to pull the repo and try to downgrade the .NET Framework. :)


I no longer have all the subtleties of the project in my mind, nonetheless if your requirement of developing for Windows XP cannot be changed, that's the best action to try.


Keep me informed if it has worked!




#5133 Hello 2016 !

Posted by ZenLulz on 04 September 2016 - 09:41 PM in Binarysharp News

Dear developers and community members,


First at all - this is a (very deserved) post to indicate the projects on this website are still alive!


I have to admit I did not update you for a long time and I would like to change this.


During my absence, I could work on many aspects of software architecture and this will definitely be beneficial for my projects listed here.


Lots of people are waiting for updates about MemorySharp, what I'm going to provide you very soon! My current job is using Scrum Agile to deliver work and thus, I could see the benefits and the drawbacks using this methodology. Keeping that in mind, I'm going to change how I will deliver MemorySharp enhancements. I'll commit more often on my Github profile for this library with smaller changes. This will enable you to properly follow the improvements and allow you to improve your end-user applications with all the newest features of MemorySharp.


When stepping back and look at your comments, my short and medium term objective is to deliver a support for 64-bit applications. In that purpose, I'll focus on:

  • Restructure the internal classes' interactions in the library. Indeed, the library lacks a bit of abstraction. I would like to see this library more modular, enabling the developers to eventually substitute default behaviors if they don't fit to your needs. This will help me a lot to support multiple process architectures (x86, x86-64) as well.
  • Be reactive to your pull and other bug fix requests, as it can block you using the library in your applications.
  • Upgrade the library to the latest .NET Framework and support latest C# specifications.

My main goal is and will always be to provide high-quality code. Let me some times to refactor my code. You can follow this progression on Github. Of course, any releases will be announced on this website as well.


See you soon!