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Is there anyway I can get a hold of you ZenLuls?

Community Support 22 Feb 2017
I have tried everywhere but it seems the only way to contact you is on here, I have a few questions about your library I hope you can help me.   Can you explain how I could read a float like such   public static float[] Angles; Angles = Program._memory.Read<float[]>((IntPtr)Base...
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Problem when try to read values from pointer and offset.

Community Support 24 Jan 2017
As the tilte, when I try to read the values in many ways it still return to me the wrong number and it almost like dont have any connection to the right number so I still don't know how to fix it. I'm trying to use the pointer and two offset values to get coordinate X, Y of character. CharacterPo...
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How to call a function by its name from a remote executable.

Community Support 23 Sep 2016
one of the examples on memorysharp product page shown as fallows:   Inject/eject Modules Here a module is injected and ejected using the `IDisposable` interface : string path = [..]; var sharp = new MemorySharp(Process.GetCurrentProcess());using (var module = sharp.Modules.Inject(path)){ mod...
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Hello 2016 !

Binarysharp News 04 Sep 2016
Dear developers and community members,   First at all - this is a (very deserved) post to indicate the projects on this website are still alive!   I have to admit I did not update you for a long time and I would like to change this.   During my absence, I could work on many aspects...
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Development Dead?

Community Support 20 Aug 2016
I found this libary not long ago and see that it supports only 32-bit, there is a post from 2013 saying that they work on 64-bit, but nothing happened. Can somoene confirm that this project is dead? Has somoene an alternative for easy memory reading, that supports 64bit?
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MemorySharp ready for sale

Binarysharp is pleased to announce that its memory editing library is ready for sale !

MemorySharp aims to give to the developers various tools to read and inject data inside a remote process on the same computer, taking the control over it. The main goal of this library is to set up the interoperability between your program and any software without a public API.

The commercial edition of MemorySharp includes premium features, support through its dedicated forum and a great documentation to understand how the library works behind the scene and giving you a great introduction to the world of Memory Editing.

All payments are made using the well-known platform PayPal. The price of the commercial edition is $29.99 and includes one year of free upgrades and access to the online documentation. Afterwards, the renewal for another year can be bought at $19.99. The license of MemorySharp is per-developer, thus it can be embedded in an unlimited number of products. More information about the condition of the library usage is available in the EULA.

Feel free to visit the dedicated page of MemorySharp by clicking here. Also, your questions and feedback are more than welcome on our board !

Edit: Prices updated to be more affordable.