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About Us

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We are building safe, efficient, powerful and easy to use software for our users that help them accomplish their goals with ease while ensuring high quality of our services.

~ ZenLulz, Binarysharp's Founder

Our Values

Binarysharp is a website dedicated to the development of software and toolkits for .NET developers.

Everyday is a challenge for us, pushing the frontiers between the native and managed world, allowing our users to interact with operating systems and software through smart and ergonomic solutions. We believe every application must be intuitive and easy to use, this is why we always try to provide the best resources, experience and support to our fellow users. Our aim is to provide the best tools enabling the interoperability between .NET Framework and any components on your computer. We are 100% focused on real-world development and we always provide our software with the latest technology available. Binarysharp is constantly innovating, as our goal is to meet our clients' needs as quickly, flexibly and effectively as possible.

Communication in so important is our world. For this reason, we set up many common areas where our developers and users can share their ideas, feedbacks and improvements. This includes notably our forum, news feed and social accounts, don't hesistate to follow us !

We are passionnate by low-level programming, reverse engineering, what we are doing for you.

Our Story

Binarysharp was originally created in 2013 by Jämes Ménétrey (ZenLulz), a Swiss person who is passionate about IT and more specificity about programming since his youth. He discovered the art of Memory Editing in 2010 and decided to create a library allowing developers to easily interacting with other programs.

Your Security

We respect your privacy and do not tolerate spam and will never sell, rent, lease or give away your information to any third party. All your data are securely stored in Switzerland and more specifically in our Web hosting KreativMedia. More information about your data security is available within our Privacy Policy.