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Истребитель Женя Цыганов

General Discussion Forum Today, 07:17 AM
Герой Советского Союза Евгений Терентьевич Цыганов появился на свет 22 августа 1921 года в городе Баку. В старших классах он успешно совмещал школьную учёбу и занятия в аэроклубе. После завершения в 1938 году инструкторских курсов он продолжил лётную работу в Бакинском аэроклубе. В 1939 году Е...
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General Discussion Forum 19 Aug 2017
Всем привет, смотрели такой видос https://youtu.be/ClSTA4KaIu4 ? Кто, что скажет по этому поводу?
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General Discussion Forum 19 Aug 2017
Алоха, смотрели такое видео https://youtu.be/Lnga3Xi66q4 ? Кто, что думает по этому поводу?
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really need any assistance

General Discussion Forum 16 Aug 2017
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NuGet integration for libraries

Discover our new way to propagate updates for our libraries and some news about MemorySharp.
Binarysharp is really interested in providing nice ways for our developers to get easily updated. This is why we added a string to our bow by integrating all our .NET libraries within the famous package manager: NuGet. This utility (also known as Library Package Manager) is embedded in the latest versions of Visual Studio and enables developers to fast download or update dependencies for their projects. A really handy tool when correctly used. If you are not very familiarized with NuGet, it's maybe the time to try it out ! A great tutorial is available on the official website here.

In the search box of NuGet, you can search for Binarysharp or the name of the library to include, as shown on this screenshot.

Posted Image

Some news about MemorySharp now. I'm a bit unhappy about the strong coupling between the library and the API Win32. I feel I'm very stuck to them, so I decided to implement an abstraction mechanism, allowing to switch where the data come from. With that, the 64-bit support will be written a lot easier and clearer. I created a new branch on Github called x86-64 where I push my progression quite often. Feel free to browse the changes. :)